4 April 2011

I'm awesome now

A man in a shop told me the left side of the brain controls things like logic and analysis so I spent some time this weekend rubbing a special ointment into the left side of my head and I also poured some Lucozade into my left ear in order to increase the analytical capability of my brain.

I think it's working because I actually got the answer to the Richard Wiseman Friday puzzle and I'm usually no good at this kind of puzzle:

Imagine a monastery in which ten of the monks may have a disease which causes them to have blue spots on their foreheads but has no other symptoms. All the monks have taken a vow of silence, they meet just once a day, and there are no mirrors in the monastery, so nobody knows whether he has a blue spot on his forehead or not.

If a monk discovers that he has a blue spot on his forehead, he will have to leave the monastery by the end of the day. All the monks are perfect logicians – that is, they can instantly infer all the logical consequences of any statement made to them – and they all know that all the other monks are perfect logicians.

One day, the Guru, who is known to be truthful, gathers all the monks together and announces “At least one monk in this monastery has a blue spot on his forehead.” Nothing happens for nine days, but on the tenth day, all the monks with blue spots leave.

How many monks left and why?

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