14 April 2011

I almost very nearly convinced myself today to play the APAT Newcastle event next weekend. By my way of thinking this was only one of three events I can realistically play this season and I have some suspicions in the back of my head where I keep thoughts that only escape when I'm pissed, that this will be the last APAT season so maybe only one of three more chances to play an APAT event ever ever.

In the end geography won out. Not always my strong subject at school where I thought continents were just old men who had control of their bowels and bladder, I now know enough to figure out just how far away Newcastle is. Also given it's Easter the M1 will no doubt have over 40 million cars parked on it bumper to bumper so I'd have to leave tomorrow really to get there in time for the start of play.

I'm going to stay at home instead and eat easter eggs in a pair of grey jogging bottoms and not wash my hair that whole week. It's better this way.

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