15 April 2011

What good is a phone call, when you are unable to speak?

Friday phew thank crunchy for that. I'm going to celebrate with cake. Before I do that however I'd like to declare this voting system referendum the winner of the blog's "Bollocks of the week award."

In many ways it reminds me of that scene in the Matrix where Neo who has grossly misunderstood how much of a bollocks world he's living in is told by the evil agent that his demand for a phone call would be pointless if he couldn't talk.

Let's ignore the fact that in other countries where a similar voting system to AV has been introduced the election results have been almost identical to how they would have been under a first past the post system...even if we had the perfect system that satisfied everyone's needs and wants, it's all irrelevant if the people we're electing are a)..utter utter sniveling liberal sandal wearing yoga enthusiasts with as much competence in running a nation as the Ku Klux Klan organising the MOBO's and b) completely subordinate to the European Parliament.

Our MPs have no law making powers. The Houses of Parliament are now just a place where people congregate to shout at each other and then retire to the bar for drinks at the Tax payers expense.

The only people who still think we have a functioning democracy are the proles Ed Miliband has been meeting this week. Unfortunately these people are such an enormous demographic that this sham of a democracy will continue for some time yet.

Eventually this will all come to an end. Incredibly violently, but it will come to an end. In the meantime we will just have to sit like Neo with our hands tied and our mouths effectivly glued up. I'm not sure I care. So long as I can eat cake I think I'm still fairing better than Neo. This is of course what they want me to think.

* * *

Sport now and it is of course a racing certainty that Andy Carroll will score against Arsenal on Sunday. As part of his psychological evaluation prior to joining Liverpool he may have listed as one of his weaknesses "My inability to not get in a fight at the weekend," but he can obviously play a bit and this does not bode well for Arsenal.

While it continues to be difficult for Carroll to not head butt a woman in a social environment the flip side of the coin is that he also remains one of the most devastating players in the Premier League in the air.

Conversely, Arsenal's defense fear crosses played into their box as if they were flaming meteorites of the type that destroyed Smallville when Kal-El came to Earth. So many times this season Arsene Wenger has had to coax his central defensive pair, embracing in fear, out from behind the advertising boards after conceding yet another soft goal from a corner.

I see no reason why this won't continue on Sunday and the 3.80 on Carroll scoring in 90 minutes seems like a gift from the punting Gods. I of course am cursed with the inability to bet against Arsenal so I will have to make my monies elsewhere but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it.

Flaming meteorite or speculative punt into the box, it's
all the same to
S├ębastien Squillaci and Laurent

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