4 April 2011

Jolly good show old man

I enjoy a good bit of needle in sports don't you? Here we have young Casey Stoner applauding Valentino Rossi for taking him out of the race with a somewhat aggressive over-taking manoeuvre.

Valentino of course won't give a shit as he's been doing that sort of thing his whole career and he's a nine times champion and has come as close as you can get really to being bigger than the sport.

To be fair and in real terms it was the marshals anyway who were at fault as they all rushed to help Valentino Rossi get back on his bike and totally ignored Stoner, which was funny or taking the piss depending on which camp you eat your beans.

Still, good stuff. I feel frustrating that Japan went and had an earthquake so we now have to wait for Portugal in a month's time for the next race by which time they may have calmed down a bit. Hopefully the racing media can keep the fire stoked until then.

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