9 April 2011

Golf n' Stuff

Has Tiger Woods been getting his "medicine?" I haven't watched too much of the Golf as I just can't bring myself to enjoy the game, however I did see the last few holes of Tiger Woods' round last night and I thought I detected a hint of nasty in his eye.

Indeed it's quite possible that he has put the trials and tribulations of the past year behind him and is once again enjoying violent sex with prostitutes on a regular basis. Only time will tell of course. If after today he's in the top 5 of the leader board I think we can assume he's back in the rough as it were.

Elsewhere in the sporting world it is of course the Grand National today and I was able to get on Quinz at 21.0 a few days ago as it seemed like the thing to do. It was a complete guess but subsequent research has shown we have a good to firm chance of our horse becoming wheezy 5 out and collapsing soon after.

I've felt for some time now, at least since Thursday afternoon that Totternumb were a lay this weekend against the mighty Stoke. There's some disquiet in the camp, they're all knackered after their slaughtering in Madrid and Harry Redknapp's twitch now has apparently become uncontrollable. Indeed he was unable to give a team talk yesterday because of it.

I've also backed Milton Keynes Dons as I've never done that before and finally I've had a few quid on Stromsgodset to beat Odd Grenland in the Norwegian league.

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