7 April 2011

"Chant just incredibly offensive not racist" claim Spurs fans

Tottenham fans have been accused of racism by Emmanuel Adebayor (who always scores against them) because they are racists but also because of chants aimed at him during their humiliation at the Bernabeu on Tuesday night.

"Your dad washes elephants and your mum is whore" is incredibly offensive explained Spurs fan Ben Fleishman Cohen Goldberg, "yes, of course it is, but it's not racist therefore he can't really complain can he."

However, everyone else asked to comment disagreed, "Well it is sort of racist isn't it the way it implies all Africans live in a primitive environment side by side with wild animal.

"Although I suppose the part about his mother being a whore isn't racist, just really really offensive so they should have said that part twice or something."

UEFA spokesman Klaus Eichmann explained in a statement, "we cannot condone racism, all other forms of vile verbal abuse however appear to be perfectly acceptable some how. So in the future perhaps Tottenham's fans might suggest Emmanuel Adebayor's father likes to make love to other men instead. Be creative the way they were with Sol Campbell."

Spurs fans accuse Sol Campbell of a treachery akin to the betrayal of Jesus
Christ saviour of the Jews rather than resorting to convenient racial slurs

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