17 September 2010

WSOP Europe and other news

It's fair to say I've often found Phil Laak to be quite disagreeable, but I think it's only when he's with the other fella Antonia Esfandiari. They're like a sort of American Ant n' Dec only 15-20% more annoying and many times I've wished nothing but ill fortune on them.

It also baffles me what in the world he or any ones sees in Jennifer Tilly apart from her gigantic tits. I've always felt she looks like Cupid Stunt, but to each their own.

Anyway despite all this, I found I was pleased he won the Six-Max event at the WSOP Europe a few hours ago. When I win my bracelet next week I want my winners picture to be as good as Mr Laak's. I don't want to bust myself up in a car accident nor noffin, but the cast looks quite cool. I might get a fake one applied and get someone to paint a Mexican flag on it. Casts could become a fashion accessory. I might email in to someone about this.

My plans for the £1k event incidentally appear to be changing by the hour. As we speak it looks like I'll be whizzing over there to play day 1c, which isn't ideal as it means I'll have to endure three straight days of getting up early and I'd miss the Pigeon's game. Of course, I'll almost certainly not miss the Pigeon's game, but one must think optimistically.

In other news, I've just heard tell of a World Cup bid by Doha! I'm choking for this bid to succeed. I love the idea of a World Cup played in the desert in the summer. One of the highlights of the German World Cup was watching Beckham vomiting. With highs in June and July of 44˚c it should be a hurl-tastic four weeks.

The artists impressions of some of the stadiums they want to build are both typically spectacular and hilariously tacky. I love how they think their man made palm tree islands and other enormous crap you can see from space are classy and awesome and not at all gaudy and ridiculous like Vegas. At least Vegas knows what it is. Or, I think it does.

I see no problems either why FIFA might be sceptical of Doha's proposed attempts to blend the social habits of several hundred thousand drunks from the world's under-classes with the strict sacred dictates of Sharia law.

It's clearly a match made literally in heaven. The natural beauty of Doha with it's turquoise waters, sandy beaches and palm tree lined spotless streets are surely a home away from home for the likes of the Millwall bushwhackers from Bermondsey and the other competing nations' equivalent brick throwing hooligans. Doha gets my vote.

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