3 September 2010

Little red riding hoodie

Have you heard tell of this little Bosnian Serb girl? A somewhat evil version of little red riding hood - who became one of the most hated little girls in the world when a video of her hurling some puppies into a river found it's way onto the YouToobs.

Many many things about this are wrong. I can only assume the puppies were Croatian, but even that doesn't excuse such cruelty. Since when do children do this, even Serb children? If it was cats I wouldn't mind, but dogs I'm afraid I can't accept this. And who filmed it? And why did she let them? So she can watch the drownings again later? Golly, I still frown at happy slapping.

Apparently Bosnian police have traced her and she could face fines of up to 4,000 Serbian monies. Surely that's not sufficient even if the puppies were Croats. I'd love to have a job dreaming up punishments for crimes like this.

The woman in England a few weeks ago who randomly decided to throw a cat in a wheelie bin would have the charges dropped and be given £20 of M and S vouches. This little girl however, would either be hurled into the same river, minus her red hoodie, or if these puppies were say Pit-bull puppies or osme other fighting dog, I'd leave her in an enclosed space with the parents and cackle away manically as the vice-like grip of one of the Daddy Pit-bulls clamped onto her face and shook her around like a rag-doll.


**I've just now been informed that SHE is in fact Croatian and the puppies are Serbian. That's kind of made me laugh a bit as I was only joking about the Serbian/Croatia angle.

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