26 September 2010


Very little going on as we speak. It is the Pigeon's quiz tonight however which of course is a bit of fun so I haven't studied. I'm hoping the answers just come to me, I'm sure they will mostly via the medium of the others players in my team.

When I say I haven't studied that is not strictly true because life is one big learning experience isn't it. So in that respect I'm constantly studying so if there's a question tonight about whether it's worth getting up before 11am in order to be at Subway sammich while they're still serving the mega-feast breakfast sammich I will have the answer to hand, which is no.

This is also the answer to "do I need an iPad"...let's just hope they don't ask "will I buy one anyway" as I just simply don't know the answer people. I just don't know. It's far too early to tell.

Umm...so anyway see you later

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Alan said...

Never let 'need' get in the way of 'want'... that's what I always say!!