13 September 2010

This is the week that is

So, instead of discussing this afternoon how awesome it felt to land an eight game mug acca this weekend, which I didn't come anywhere close to landing thanks to Newcastle being useless and Man City being not much better, let's discuss my new bread bin instead.

It arrived today. It's a Nigella Lawson one and I tell you what, when I took possession of the box from the UPS man I might have been excused for thinking she was in there. You know, cause it was heavy, not cause it smelt of buxom sex. I'm off out in a minute to buy some bread to put in it. FUN!

Also today I took delivery of some shaving cream that has cocoa butter in it or something! I just thought I could always eat it if I had nothing in...OK and it has my initials on the toob so it looks like I have my own brand.

I buy stuff quite often in the wee small hours of the night that I really don't need, it's a hobby really. Later on tonight I should think I'll probably struggle not to buy one of those retro-arcade machines. I saw a refurbished Out-Run machine on the Ebays recently for just £400 and was very tempted. I used to love that game, never finished it.

In other news, it's the WSOPE this week. As of course we know, I didn't make it to Vegas this year as I decided to have a couple of weeks in the big house instead, but I had promised myself I was going to play a World Series event this year and be damned so, I owe it to myself really to get up early doors on Friday or Saturday and head to the smoke for to drop a thousand pounds in about 30 minutes and be home in time for tears and biscuits.

The issue here in terms of my attendance are two fold; First of all, this is beyond what I am comfortable paying for a single poker tournament. It's beyond what I'm comfortable paying for a car really. While it's true the only things I ever really spend my money on are sammiches and household brick-a-brac, if I suddenly had a thousand pounds less in my bank account I'd still have cause for sadness...this could after all finance almost an entire year of Subway Sammiches or an Out-Run and a Space Invaders machine.

The 3,000 starting chips is really a measly stack for such a big buy-in also. Even if the first level of blinds is 25/25, I'm used to having people shoving 5,000 starting stacks in with quad Jacks in the first level with only 125 chips in the pot, I don't know how to manoeuver a stack like that in a grown ups tournament through the initial stages and build it up to something playable.

ALL-IN!: Quad Jacks yesterday

Secondly - and to be fair, this is the real issue for me - I really struggle to get up before about 3pm. I mean really struggle. I'm all full of good intentions when I change into my nightwear in the evening and sometimes I even set my alarm, but when it goes off and I'm all sleepy and everything, there's very little life has to offer that seems enticing enough to remove myself. I often wonder if I'd be able to even move if Jenny Agutter was waiting for me somewhere in her Logan's Run costume all moist and literally choking for it, like she can hardly breathe for wanting me. It's a tricky one.

But anyway I digress, despite the very real possibility and almost inevitability that I would bust out with a couple of hours, one still has to put ones self in the way of opportunity in life doesn't one, elsewise we're all just little pieces of drift wood floating about on life's currents no? And while this event may boil down to being nothing more than a substantial tax on the stupid imposed by the poker Gods, busting out with nothing to show for my time there than a dirty face from London smog is still preferable to harking back to this time having not played and wondering what might have been. Sort of.

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