21 September 2010

My punishment is greater than I can bear

The Gods are testing me again, I can't take it anymore damn it. They're prodding me, pushing me and I don't like to be pushed. The last second goal against Sunderland, the cracked Aces, mouldy bread when I wanted a sammich last night and now Arsenal have to play Totterington.

The Carling Cup is of little consequence. But losing to Sperz under any circumstances is incredibly disagreeable. Their fans don't distinguish between competitions you see. To them beating Arsenal is beating Arsenal whether it's the Premier League or this tin pot nonsense playing a team of children who only very recently learned to use the big toilet. It's like Christmas to them,...or the best ever Matzah ball whatever these people do on Christmas day.

There is a possibility however that the Gods may throw me a freakin bone here. Tottingham may believe that just because they have sneaked into the Champions' League they can put out a similarly inexperienced team and still progress. But of course, they can't.

Arsenal's reserves team is far and away the best in the country. Tott'numb's first team might win comfortably, but if Harold Redknapp thinks he can empty his creche and compete with Arsenal's wee ones he's very much mistaken. At a price of 3.30 Arsenal must surely be value if both teams are fielding second elevens. In all other circumstances I shall refuse to even recognise this game ever took place.


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