1 September 2010

Hague: I'm not gay, I just had my wife in fact

Let's got for a stroll Willie, no one will notice us, we don't look gay at all.

Umm...I think that's a photographer Willie.
I'm scared. Try and look casual.

It's OK, just pretend we're discussing Iran.
No one will suspect I've just pulled you off

In my best Chandler from Friends type voice...could these men BE any gayer? Isn't it curious how you can always spot a whoopsie simply by the uncomfortable way they're standing or how they speak? Clearly you don't have to have sucked this pair off in a motorway lay-by to positively identify them as a brace of berties.

This chap on the right, Chris someone or other, he's resigned as William Hague's "aide" because of untrue and malicious rumours about his past cock handling of the current foreign secretary, but if the rumours are untrue then surely that's a reason not to resign, no?

William Hague has made the classic error of insisting his marriage is legit and that he gives it to his wife every night like a steam train ...and I'm only just paraphrasing here, but lots of gay politicians are married, this really only serves as even more evidence that he is indeed one of them. Methinks he doth protest too much etc etc.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict our Government will have a new foreign secretary within a month.

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