19 December 2010


I haven't watched the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show since the two most important days of the year for me were the FA Cup final and Christmas day, but since I have abandoned my plans to play the Abingdon Christmas poker event tonight due to being snowed in and I am also running out of cowboy films, it's highly likely I'll be watching it tonight.

Obviously I'll have to have a bet, so I did some preliminary research into how the voting is cast and who the favourites are. Well I have to say I haven't been confronted by so much crap since the one and only time I've ever changed a babies nappy.

Did you know for example that Ryan Giggs won it last year!! Ryan Giggs, what did he do to deserve it? Were they so short of 'personalities' they had to pick a hairy Welshman who can't play two games in a row anymore because he gets tired?

It became clear this award is settled with a public vote and all the United fans must have just piled in. Although why they didn't vote for Rooney who seemed a more obvious choice I'm still not clear. I'd like to know if Giggs was favourite to win on the day of the show so I shall do some further research on this.

Of the current batch I was surprised nay baffled by the inclusion of Tony McCoy and astonished to see him trading as 1.5 clear favourite on the Betfairs. I assumed wrongly, the winners had to be British (isn't there an overseas personality award?).

No doubting the boy McCoy deserves some recognition for his achievements, but a crappy trophy handed out by an increasingly irrelevant BBC that no one surely cares about anymore is hardly fitting. Also, excluding racing and gamblesmiths does anyone really know who he is?

Having given the favourites a once over without knowing the prices available, I assumed Graeme Swann and Lee Westwood would be the favourites what with Europe winning the Ryder Cup and Westwood over taking the semi-professional sexoligist Tiger Woods as world number one Golfist and also of course the Ashes being played at the moment and Swann being number one spinner.

But no! Swann is 170.0 on Betfair and Westwood something like 30.0! Cwazy. Has this already been decided or sommink? In case I can't be arsed to do any further research I'm going to have a few shillings on these two anyway.

I've now lost interest in this so I'm going to end here and watch Star Trek and eat some rice pudding. What about you?

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