18 December 2010


If you haven't played poker at the Three Pigeons this won't mean anything to you..if you have you might find this amusing.

While reading the updates from the Monte Carlo event at DTD on Blonde, which you can find here - I came across Paul Jackon's bust out hand.

It made me laugh. Not because he busted in the second level, just because he's a very experienced professional who's probably forgotten more about poker than most of the Pigeon's players combined will ever know, yet no Pigeons player would bust in this spot.

The hand in question played out like this:

- Paul Jackson calls a late position raise with J-8 in the big blind.

- Flop J-8-4 rainbow.

- He check called the flop intending to check raise the turn.

- On a blank turn, a rag, his opponent open shoved 25,000 into 5,000. (hmmmm I wonder what he could have and weather he's related to Joy?)

-Paul calls and his opponent shows him a pair of Jacks. (Well durrrr. Just surprised he didn't shove on the flop)

-Tighty's comment - "Tricky not to go bust here, right?" (Right, for all but eight or nine battle hardened players in the Cotswolds for whom it's an easy fold)

* * *

It's snowing heavily as we speak which probably means I'll be staying indoors for the next few weeks, possibly months. I always think of The Shining when it snows like this. My main concern is I only have one loaf of bread and I'm running low on ham.

There's a danger I might have to have something other than sammiches for lunch in the coming days. I can see myself attempting to brave the elements in order to visit the Co-ops for sammich making ingredients and getting stuck at the end of the road never to return. I fancy it's a risk worth taking.

Must buy peppered ham...urghh

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