30 December 2010

If no one else is gonna say it then I will

I've just now heard they arrested the landlord of the girl who was murdered recently.

To be fair I thought it was going to be the boyfriend..I mean away in Sheffield...why would anyone go there?

But that was before I got a look at this dude. I don't mean to make light of such an horrific and grisly murder, but when you look at the guy you do have to wonder what the hell was he thinking?

I mean if you're gonna kill someone and it's someone who lives in the flat beneath you, surely..suuuuuurely you'd make some sort of an effort beforehand not to look exactly like a crazy murderer/rapist. The dude is a suspect on the strength of his hair alone.

With that in mind, I'm gonna go ahead and file this one away in the "crime of passion" category as opposed to "premeditated homicide."

Now I apologise of course for such a crass, tactless blog entry, but it needed to be said and if I'm the only one who thought this when he rolled up on the scene well you people must live in some scary places.

* * *

In other equally grisly news, rumour on the street is Sunday's episode of the Archers on radio four at 7:00pm which is the 60th anniversary episode, will feature an horrific Hungerford type gun massacre!

I mean really people, the Archers? My mum used to listen to that on Sunday's when I was a child. I hated it because it was so boring - back in the day it caused a scandal if two people kissed who weren't married. Now it's all racially motivated beatings and armed robberies. And we wonder why people can't even enjoy a pizza at home anymore without being seized upon and strangled. Sigh, we're dooooomed.

A ditch outside the Bull pub in Ambridge on Sunday

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