18 December 2010

A simples people

Have you seen this? You can buy the "autobiography" of that Meerkat on those insurance adverts! Are people seriously buying this? I know education standards in this country have plummeted to new and depressing depths, but are they seriously now at a level where people will obliviously PAY an Insurance company monies to sell their policies to them?

This little chap is funny, there's no doubt about that. I hope there's never a time where I don't find a comedy Russian accent amusing, but though but, ...he is still a character in a series of adverts for an Insurance price comparison website, which was set up by a group of insurance brokers.

By selling this book to the public, the public is paying for all of their advertising costs. The public is paying this Group to sell them insurance.

It's very clever in fact to exploit this ignorance so pervasive throughout all but a tiny fraction of the population, but surely it's at least unethical isn't it? It's like the Subway people stopping me in the street with a tray of new sammiches and asking me to taste them all and tell them which is the most orgasmic and then charging me £5 for the information I'm giving them, to help them sell me more sammiches in the future.

I'd be OK with that though to be fair, I'd fall for it. Especially if there was a spicy Mexican option, perhaps I shouldn't be so disparaging?

Crab quesidillas tomorrow?

* * *

The Ashes is getting all very intense. I found the sledging accusations all rather amusing. Mitchell Johnson for example questioning Jimmy Anderson's sexuality as he's posed for a gay magazine.

Mitchell Johnson has either got no sense of irony or just hasn't taken a close look at himself recently. He's got a dragon tattoo on his right arm and a massive black panther tattoo down the left side of his body.

He couldn't look any more gay if he lay on a sofa in the team hotel watching Glee DVDs in a fluorescent green thong with his head resting on Ricky Ponting's thighs.

Whoospie jibes apart, I do actually want Australia to win. I can't recall exactly what I wagered before the series began, but I think it was a 4-0 and 3-1 win for Australia. Unlikely. I'll settle for a 22 man bitch fight.

* * *

Now that the football season is effectively over for Arsenal I will need to find something else to pique my interest. I've been fighting the urge to do a jigsaw. I don't know where this desire has come from, but it's real. I've never attempted a proper grown ups jigsaw before. Would that mean my life is over? I'm comfortable with not wanting to go out every weekend and get pissed, but is doing jigsaws too sedate for someone my age? I still haven't even developed a taste for wine. I do have a have a cardigan though.

This is something I'll need to discuss with myself at the next big meeting. I have nothing else to say at this time, so if there aren't any questions i'll bid you goodnight.

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