22 December 2010

An intriguing Brain thingy

Have you notice as I have, how stinkin' commie pinko Ed Miliband can only speak out of the right side of his mouth? Given how his politics is ultra left-wing this is ironic no? I think this is what Neurologists call a "brain thingy."

Like, you know how they say the right side of ones brain controls the left side of ones body. I think this must also be true for ones politics. I've researched this thoroughly these last ten minutes or so since seeing Ed Miliband on the news spewing nonsense out of the right side of his mouth like there was no tomorrow.

Further evidence of this intriguing brain thingy can be found across the political spectrum. George W. Bush who I think we can all agree has an uncompromising right wing approach to everything Dick Cheney tells him to think, can only speak from the left side of his mouth.

It's possible then, his "southern drawl" is actually a consequence of his politics rather than his regional accent. Perhaps this is the case for all southerners in the US of States? Regional politics rather than accent?

Y'all are a bunch 'a stinkin' tourists, and aaaaah swear to Gaaad we'll send y'all to hell in a hand cart."

If further proof were needed I then spent a further 45 seconds thinking of someone whose politics is comfortably positioned in the centre ground. Someone who's liberal about some things and conservative about others. Someone for example, who wears those weird chunky sandals in the summer, but would still happily kick a paedophile to death in them if need be.

I chose Captain Jonathon Archer from the awesome Star Trek series of Enterprise. As you can see from our library picture, his mouth is perfectly horizontal.

Captain Archer while on a mission of exploration is of course keen to meet new species, but still has reservations about a multi-cultural, multi-species society.

He has prejudices, but can set them aside until he's proven right. Take the Vulcans for example...arrogant bastards, and hypocrites too..who the fuck do they think they are actually. He's far more tolerant of them than I would be.

They remind me of Catholic priests and Nazis. Repressing emotions the way they do, God only knows what they're capable of and then justifying with that logical horse shit. It makes me sick.

Sorry people I digress.

Wait, what was I saying? I've lost my train of thought. I think I've made my point though haven't I? That'll be all for now. Dismissed.


Rachel Lestrange said...

Are you aware of the Vulcan ritual Pon Farr? It's ok if you're not, and let's pretend I'm not aware of it either.


Rich said...

I am aware of this ritual. T'Pol just went through it yesterday when I was watching an episode of Enterprise called Bounty.

In fact I think I went through it with her. Her breasts where heaving and moist with perspiration.

I haven't been able to concentrate on anything today and I'm very tired. I'm glad it's only once every seven years. I shouldn't think I could cope otherwise.