10 December 2010

Judge a society by how they treat their animals

Now of course as you know we don't discuss politics, religion or alternatives to sammiches for lunch on this blog, but we do make exceptions every now and then when we get backed into a corner and there's nothing on telly.

I'm not sure what the collective noun for a crowd of students is, so for the purposes of this blog entry we'll just refer to them as a "feces". Watching this grotty feces of students this evening busting up the Treasury and the Supreme Court was sufficient enough to fully extend my dander, but having concluded their desecration of the very symbols of this countries centuries old struggle for a democratic and just society - they then decided to launch a rather extraordinary attack on the heir apparent. We can't accept this.

Had I been enjoying some soup at the time I'd have surely spat it out. As it was I watched open mouthed at these events mouthing the words "animals...animals...god damned animals" and asked myself how on Earth can this be happening? I couldn't help but hark back to 1989 and the Tiananmen Square massacre. What would happen if some students pulled this kind of silly crap on the Chinese Government? Well they'd be shot wouldn't they, because they did and they were.

You see now the Tiananmen Square massacre was all very unfortunate of course, particularly as those students really had something to jolly well complain about...but is it a coincidence that the country who wouldn't tolerate being made to look foolish by a feces of upstarts who can't even grow full beards now essentially owns the globe, while our own country where the police can't so much as arrest a suspect without first filing reams of paper work with the European Court of Human rights is currently at it's lowest political standing in it's entire thousand years of history.

There was a time when we created history, these events confirm we as a nation are now history.

Now I'm not of course suggesting that the Army should have been drafted in to hose these little scruffy cereal eating Countdown fanatics down in a bloody show of Governmental totalitarian power. I would however like to know if it was at least considered?

I've said this many times and people have just scoffed, ignored me, or thrown me out of the Subway Sammich place for upsetting the customers, but this country is riddled with a passive-aggressive Liberal wishy-washy egalitarian form of Euro-cancer.

The treatment for cancer of course is often as destructive as the disease, but only the form of political chemo-therpahy that Germany, Russia and of course China have all survived offers any kind of panacea for our current stately malaise. We need the most ruthless, remorseless, unhinged dictator to take charge and quite literally slaughter almost everyone. It's the only way forward.

Chemotherapy as we know is essentially just poison injected directly into the blood system killing good cells and cancerous ones. It's like wiping ones hard-drive and starting again if one survives the wiping process. But I'm game if you are.

The alternative is complete integration into a European superstate which will fail anyway. If we're a condemned nation anyway, I don't want my last meal to have been fried in olive oil. I think you know what I'm trying to say.

Olive oil yesterday. NO!

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