7 December 2010


People often say to me, "Rich why are you always talking about sandwiches, I only asked for the time." And it's a fair enough point which I'll address at a later date, but for now I'd like to talk about sandwiches.

I understand that there are perfectly intelligent and reasonable people out there who have something other than sandwiches for lunch and that's fine. I know of at least three people for example who enjoy a meat pie. I even read of some one in Kansas who regularly eats bagels.

To each their own, that's what I always say. What I can't accept however is when these people impose their bohemian diets on other people. Take fat divorcees for example who own a lot of cats and eat salad for lunch under the misapprehension this will help them lose weight despite the fact that they will be having cake for pudding.

They want other people eating salads. They know they will never lose any weight, but they can't admit it to themselves and the more people they can persuade to eat salads with them, the easier it becomes to live the lie. It's pathetic isn't it.

*This blog entry is to be taken literally, it is not an allegorical rejection of organised religion. All blog entries rejecting organised religion will be far less subtle, as religious types in my experience can't take a hint.

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