23 December 2010

Outstanding punts

I've just been auditing my various betting accounts. I was hoping my unsettled bets might provide some funds for me in the new year with which to buy as many sammiches as my face can accommodate. Unfortunately, it appears I'll be rationing out cold turkey until deep into 2011. They are outstanding only in terms of being unsettled.

I managed to back West Ham for example on the handicaps (+38pts) at 19.0. In my defense this bet was placed pre-season and West Ham had just bought Pablo Barrera and I assumed wrongly that stinkin' Israeli Avram Grant would have had the good sense to pick him. Half way through the season and they're already 21 pts behind Man Utd so that one is not looking promising.

Also pre-season I backed Chicharito and Marouane Chamakh for top goalscorer at 30.0 and 20.0 respectively. Chicharo has 3 goals, Chamakh has 7.

Current top scorer Berbatov has 11, but is obviously due a barren spell as he hasn't sulked in a few weeks so Marouane has an outside shot at this unless Ryan Shawcross has opportunity to snap his spine with an old fashioned robust challenge next time Arsenal play Stoke.

I appear to have backed Belgium to win Euro 2012 too. I have no explanation for this one. I don't even recall placing this wager. I can assume I was prescribed some strong medications at the time. Still, at 120.0 it's not such a bad price.

I've managed to back Wayne Rooney to be playing for a team other than Manchester United by February 1st 2011. Actually I've laid him to still be playing for United. I've put up £13 to win £250 at odds of 0.07. Currently layable at 1.04 however.

One of the more promising of these wild stabs in the dark is a £10 punt on the Chicago Bears to win the Superbowl. Backed at 42.0 they're now trading at something like 24.0. It's been an odd season, anything can happen. So why not, that's what I always say.

My final wager is I hope a banker. For it to be a white Christmas in Edinburgh. I've got £100 on at 2/1. If that doesn't come in I shall jolly well be pissed off.

Let is snow let it snow let it snow

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