11 December 2010

Kiss Kiss

Who remembers Holly Valance? She was in Neighbours and then released a single and I think now works in a call centre for the Car Phone Warehouse.

Anyway, in a series of crazy dreams last night I was able to make sweet love to her, and I thought since I know she reads my blog, I'd offer her some constructive advice on her love making techniques.

Now of course I'm all for a woman taking a more dominant position, in fact it helps my back is she wishes to be on top, but I have to say to young Holly, while I do sometimes enjoy a bit of dirty talk if the mood is right, I don't really like being spat at. It's not...it's not sexy do you see?

So a bitter sweet experience really. And it was only to get worse when I woke up to find a tube of hand cream on the shelf of my head board had tipped over and dripped goo all over my face. Well that explains her gobbing on me, I said to myself. Still, you've got to laugh.

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