14 December 2010

Police to shout and use pillows to quell rioters

Do the police read my blog? No sooner had I suggested hosing down student protesters than these same tactics are indeed now being discussed. Unfortunately I was advocating the use of live rounds not water.

Now I knew we'd gone soft in this country, (Ken Clarke wants empty prisons for Christmas) brainwashed by so many years of liberal Government, but I must confess I hadn't realised quite how soft until the howls of protest from every liberal minded brown jumper wearing African orphan adopter in the country at the mere proposal of using water cannons the next time these students want to destroy some priceless piece of architecture or symbol of our thousand year struggle for the very freedom that is preventing the police from stoving their heads in.

It's water for heaven's sake! WATER! We throw it at each other in the summer. Students may be unfamiliar with the stuff, but these bearded do-gooders who are so outraged on their behalf are not. Dear God, it falls from the freakin' sky every day in this country. If this is considered too harsh what are the police left with to quell a feces of rioting parasites, pillows? Perhaps some harsh language?

There was a time when we used to take anyone who opposed the Crown or the Government to the Tower where they would experience so much pain they would plead for Satan to end their suffering as hell didn't seem quite so unpleasant by comparison. Fast forward 400 years and now spraying someone with water is considered beyond the pale.

What I'd really like to see is Ken Clarke and Jody McIntyre trampled to death live on the BBC by a team of police horses. Ken Clarke for his utter contempt for punitive punishments for criminals and Jody McIntyre because he represents everything I hate about those revolutionary hypocrites and keyboard warriors who can't wait to get up in the morning to be offended on someone else's behalf.

That people, is what I want for Christmas.

Ken Clarke laughing at the idea of sending a criminal to prison, yesterday

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