12 August 2010

Viva Mexico Cabrones!

Y de haber disfrutado de un bonito encuentro contra un gran equipo.. Como dice una canción de Molotov q me encanta: "Viva Mexico cab..!!" -- Álvaro Arbeloa via Twitter

It's true I will never wish anything but the most appalling fate on Carles Puyol for putting that Barcelona shirt over Cesc's head, but as so many of the Spanish team have been respectful of their visit to the Azteca and were able to avoid a slaughter I will return the compliment.

Álvaro Arbeloa for example tweeted the above the last night, quoting a line from the song "gimme the power" by Molotov. This made me laugh...as I myself actually have this CD in my car as we speak and that's my favourite song.

It gives me the motivation I need when I have to face Joy at the Pigeons game. I play it really loud on my way to the game and shout VIVA MEXICO CABRONES usually just as I'm turning on to the A40. By the time I'm at Alan's house I have enough adrenaline in my system to cope with a flat call from Joy on the turn after I've put in half of my chips without going to pieces.

(quote at 2.23) - VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

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