16 August 2010

NASA is shit

A bench mark often used but never questioned, by Science boffins or nerds to illustrate how awesome some new bit of kit is, is that it was developed by NASA, usually for the space shuttle. For example, "my bicycle frame uses a carbontitaniumpolyoxotin alloy originally developed by NASA for the space shuttle."

But the qualifier here - that it was developed by NASA - itself needs qualifying. Why is something developed by NASA automatically assumed to be awesome? I think they're shit. The space shuttle is always blowing up and malfunctioning, they say the toilets almost never work and it's in the process of being phased out because of this.

A rare successful launch of the space shuttle yesterday

In actuality, vary little of NASA's stuff ever actually works or is indeed awesome. They should have made the space shuttle out of Subway sandwich stuff, cause ALL of their stuff is awesome and the most expensive thing you can buy from Subway is one of the gourmet footlong Subs which are only £5.29. Compare this to the shell of the space shuttle alone which costs £35billion. It's bullshit.

NASA is obviously just a front for the CIFBI5 to launder money they receive from drug barons in Cuban as bribes to turn a blind eye when shipments of cigars and awful salsa music are smuggled into Miami.

But all of this pales into insignificance compared to the price for a draw tonight at Old Trafford where Manchester United host Newcastle. Clearly Newcastle are shit, but the stats say that even though they haven't won at Old Trafford in 26 matches, they do manage to eek out a draw once every 3.75432 games.

The price on Betfair for a draw on match odds here is 7.6. The HT/FT prices are 36.0 and 42.0 respectively for Man Utd/Draw and Newcastle/Draw and Draw/Draw is 13.0. I hereby declare that if the draw was a piece of my bicycle, it would not be the carbontitaniumpolyoxotin frame developed by NASA for the space shuttle, it would be the footlong bacon and chicken ranch sub on hearty Italian bread with peppered cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and some of that nice Peri-Peri sauce.

Having said that, I'm not having a bet. Even the Space Shuttle makes it back to Earth once in a while. Just saying is all.

A bicycle with carbontitaniumpolyoxotin frame yesterday

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