19 August 2010

Enterprising wagers

Your oral stimulation has had a pleasing effect on me.
I will need several 3-ply tissues to absorb the moisture.

I've recently gotten quite into Star Trek: Enterprise. Are you familiar with this show? It's a prequel series with the guy from Quantum Leap as Captain. My younger readers might not be familiar with Quantum Leap so let me just quickly google the fella's name.

Scott Bakula. He's the Capitan. Or Captain if you will. So in this series they've only just figured out how warp speed works, and although they have the technology to beam people up and down they don't do it very often as the crew are skeptical about how safe it is. And one of the officers is a posh English dude and the engineer guy is from Texas.

It's on at 2pm so I watch it when I wake up and most of the time I will have a cup of tea when I watch it. Tea has caffeine in it, a stimulant, and this combined with my 'just woken up' randiness makes me have filthy thoughts about the Vulcan woman T'Pol who's in charge of sciencey stuff and I think is also some kind of space lawyer. She has the titest...erm tightest uniform and the best tits in the show.

A common personality trait of all the female characters with nice tits in all Star Trek series' is that they've all evolved to become emotionally redundant. Like the Borg woman in Voyager...she has the best tits of any female character in any of the Star Trek shows, yet she's incapable of feeling any emotion. And T'Pol in Enterprise is a Vulcan and Vulcans see emotions as gay and something only babies and small children are burdened with until they've grown out of them and gotten all logical and monosyllabic.

These lack of emotions are because male Star Trek fans with the exception of me, are usually nerds who are terrified of actual real women. And the only way they could ever, even in a fantasy, be in a sexual relationship with a woman with such awesome tits and not be frightened to death by the prospect of conquering her, is if she had no emotions and no sexual experience herself and therefore the nerd would be the dominant partner and corrupt her with ease. In effect she is essentially a living breathing blow-up doll. It's fascinating stuff from a psychological point of view...but I like it mostly for the tits.

"I will enjoy this tit wank you speak of?" 7 of 9 yesterday

Sport now, and it's the Europa League this evening. I'm going to place a 15 game acca** and live the rest of life in a obscene luxury. I'll only eat the very best sammiches Subway have to offer and I'll make a billionaire Arab go out and get them for me, while I wrestle with his six daughters to work up an appetite.

It's GOLD!

**update: I did not in fact place a 15 game acca. I went for a less awesome Yankee; Celtic - Win, Villa - draw, Borisov - win, Stuttgart - win.

Villa are fielding a team of children so may in fact lose but hopefully they can eek out a draw.


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