24 August 2010

Straight outta LA

These ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries are very good. If you haven't seen the "Two Escobars" one, you must seek it out. Tonight on ESPN America at 8pm it's 'Straight Outta L.A.' the story of the Raiders teams of the mid 80's and the growth of gangster rap and the wearing of the pirate logo stuff by the gangs in LA and the shooting of each other in the evenings and so on.

At that time in my life I was still playing with Lego so I wasn't into gangster rap, and I still remember sulking when the Raiders beat the Redskins in the Superbowl in 1984, but I enjoyed this documentary and I recommend you watch it if you access to the ESPN's, even if you're not into Mercan football or don't have any Ice Cube LPs.

(I'm laughing at the use LPs as we speak)


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