22 August 2010

Little League World Series

So this is just a post to kill time until my next snooze, which is due in about twenty minutes. If you have access to the ESPNs, have you been watching the Little League World Series? It's good stuff and when it says "WORLD" it means it. There's actually different nations in it as opposed to the major leagues where it's just different Mercans. It's about the same sort of standard as women's baseball, or "softball" if you will, only with smaller people.

So anyway yes, it's quite entertaining stuff as it goes, although the Mexican kids were cheated out of a victory last night in the final inning against a squad of Japanese snipers.

I'm all for international play, but inter-species play is asking a lot if you're from this planet. I'm sure the lead hitter for the Japanese had the same eyes as the Terminator. The Mexican kids don't even have split screen or slow-mo vision.

They let Mexico think they had the game in the bag needing just three outs for the win and then hit something like four consecutive runs and that was all she wrote. They listened in on the Japanese coach, and of course no one could understand what he was saying without the aid of a universal translator, but I've watched it back today and been able to ascertain he was telling his kids to keep in the shade otherwise they'd over-heat! And he also told the little number 4 first baseman to run a level three diagnostic on his inner core-programme cause he missed a simple catch.

I'm mean really, I'm all for kids competing, I hate all that "it's just the taking part that counts" nonsense, it's that kind of thinking that's made all English kids fat little bastards...but still...I don't think it's fair to ask a bunch of twelve year old Mexican kids to beat robots. It'll be interesting to see what happens if they play the USA as I think they have a kid called John Conner.

Mexico's little league baseball team sportingly wave goodbye to the Japanese spaceship
as it lifted off after beating Mexico 4-2 in their World Series match yesterday.

Elsewhere on ESPN there was a brilliant behind the scenes type documentary featuring the Alabama College Football team - the Crimson Tide.

Very good it was too although the fitness coach made me want to drop a dumbbell on his head. Why do Mercans enjoy shouting so much? That would never work here.

If he shouted, "IF IT DON'T HURT YOU AIN'T DOING IT RIGHT" at an English footballer, he'd just snigger and ask him - schoolboy like - if he had any more sage love making tips.

OK so I'm off for a snooze now, I've said me piece.

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