24 August 2010

Mexican of the day

Today's Mexican of the day is Jimena Navarret, winner of the 2010 Miss Universe contest. I was expecting some hugely malformed steroid him-she monstrosity, but fortunately it's not like the Mr Universe contest. I haven't seen the actual show, just a few clips. It looks like Bret Michaels of Poison was a judge and her qualifications appear to have been her personality and being smokin' hot.

I would imagine though she's done some important work with poor children and is looking forward to traveling around the world. I should imagine if she had three wishes she'd like to eradicate disease and poverty and end all wars for ever.

How she would then house the hundreds of millions of people that would not now die each year after essentially doing away with natural selection, given the earth's finite amount of real estate, without imposing incredibly stressful cramped living conditions on them all with insanity inducing claustrophobia and almost inevitable uncontrollable civil unrest, she probably isn't sure about...but she is sure she loves kids.

And Bret is sure she's smokin' hot and that's all that counts.


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