23 August 2010


See the way Georgie Thompson of Sky Sports News fame likes to be seen walking this little dog in the hope people will think it's a Doberman and therefore be fooled into thinking she's really tall.

It's an old trick celebrities use. Tom Cruise uses similar tactics by always making his wife take her shoes off when they're photographed together while he stands on three copies of the the Shanghai Yellow pages.

But though but, ...young has Georgie made a clear error in allowing herself to be snapped stood next to boyfriend, famous midget and ten time winner of the "bloke from the telly who wants stabbing" award, Declan Donnelly.

What on earth does she see in the multi-multi-multi cabillionaire
diminutive Geordie wank faced cockknocker?

Donnelly even in heels is only 4ft 2, which makes Georgie Thompson something like 3ft 5. I'm all for petite women and that's almost a perfect height for some functions, but I just think it would be embarrassing having to drive ones girlfriend around in a baby-seat.

It needs stating also, that her thighs are kind of fat aren't they and she looks a bit rough here? I've gone off her. It's all lies. Sky Sports News must have magicians as make-up artists. They'll have their work cut out for them as of today too as I believe SSN are launching their much hyped HD channel.

I was kind of looking forward to it, but I'm not so sure now. You can only really acquire thighs like this by eating kebab meat, so Georgie's probably got really horrible skin. Nasty skin in HD is not what you need when first thing in the afternoon.

For scale: Dec and Georgie next to a
standard Royal Mail post-box yesterday


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