29 August 2010

Infinity and beyooooond

Despite the fact that on Friday I played the £250 APAT "Pro" League game at DTD and was home by 8:00pm (I live 115 miles from the venue)..I will return today undeterred, wiser and stronger for to make an attempt at winning the Main event of the World Championships of Amateur Poker. I must focus. Focus is the key.

This event begins at 2:30pm, this time I will definitely not be home by 8pm. I've booked a hotel see. I won't be back until tomorrow. Hopefully very late tomorrow cause I know where I went wrong on Friday, like Harold Shipman I have a problem with my patients (that's a verbal gag really cause of the different spelling, but anyway)...so when I feel anxious or like spewing off some chips I'm going to watch an episode of Smallville on my iPhone to distract me, then I can re-focus.


It's the one where Lana is infected by the Nicodemus flower and goes all sultry and naughty and dives into the school swimming pool in her Victoria Secrets bra and pannies.

I sat up late last night with my calculator and a very sharp pencil, struggling with some equations and mapping out a strategy for success, but I got distracted and watched Stand By Me instead...brilliant film. LEACHES!!!

Hahaha, brilliant, oh to be that age again eh? Adventures, climbing trees, leaches on cocks etc. Marvelous days. I remember once when I went camping I set fire to a tree by accident and...oh fuck I better go...

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