11 August 2010


It's a feast of Mexican football tonight. There will just be enough time after Mexico have destroyed Spain for a quick snooze before Chivas set about Brazilian side Internacional in Copa Libertadores.

It's true that Mexico at all levels does not do too well against Brazil, but tonight at least there should be a win for the Herd. The new stadium has an artificial pitch, which the Brazilians are not happy with - see, they're already assuming they've lost before a ball is kicked.

I've got me a feeling in my bowels that history is going to change. A good win tonight for Chivas and a bus parking operation in Brazil and the trophy is theirs. Easy! Chivas have problems scoring goals, but since when were harsh realities strong enough to overcome blind faith?

I'll be having a few shillings on a Chivas/Mexico double and facts be damned.

Time for tea now I think.

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