16 August 2010

Sad really

I was just logged into the Twitters, fixing to say something about Keanu Reeves, when I noticed something that struck me funny. They have this "Who to follow" thing where by it recommends people you should follow.

I've never really paid attention to it, but assumed it worked much the same way Amazon recommends books for you according to your previous purchases. But though but...on this occasion one of the choices was Britney Spears!? Look see..

Why would young Britney be a recommendation? Eddie Izzard I can understand;...he's funny, I'm funny, he likes wearing women's clothing, I find women's underwear more exciting than mens etc etc, but Britney? I would toss her salad of course, but you'd have to have had most of your brain rot away by some horrible tropical plague before you'd be interested in anything she has to say surely?

I clicked on it anyway out of curiosity as you do, to seek out the tenuous common ground we share. Perhaps she also likes Mexican football? Or perhaps she's taken up poker? Sammiches.. I KNOW she likes a spicy footlong. But no, it's none of those things...

..clearly it just offers up people to follow, people you follow follow; Paulie Two thumbs on this occasion. I felt a bit sad, a part of me died when I saw poor Paulie's name up there. Caroline Flint was bad enough, sickening in fact, but reduced to following Britney Spears on Twitter!..I'd have preferred it if he was actually stalking her in person.

I'm kind of glad he's never playing the Pigeon's game again, I wouldn't be able to look for tells as I doubt I could look him in the eye after this. I had a friend once at school, Gary his name was, who got off with his Aunt at a family barbecue.

She was fit he said and only 35, but he said there was a deep and profound sense of wrong within him afterward that has stayed with him to this day. He says he hasn't been able to maintain a healthy relationship with a woman, and hates the smell of barbecues in the summer. It's sad really. Makes you think.

The end.

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