11 September 2011

NFL week 1

Sadly and frustratingly nurses Suki and Ling Ling's exit visa papers remain unsigned. It is essential they are brought over as soon as possible to head my personal medical staff.

My back is playing up and I've got a sore throat and while my genitals are fine, it can't hurt to have them soaped up and rinsed clean with cascading warm water gently funneled down from between Suki's firm ample bosom.

So following the failures of yesterday's footballing Yankee, the pressure is on to make today's NFL wagers count.

We have placed a yankee and one or two season long wagers: I fancy the Redskins, Ravens, Atlanta and Philadelphia to overcome their handicaps today. And why? I also feel the following divisional conclusions will be concluded at the regular season's conclusion:

NFC North - Green Bay Packers
NFC South - Nawlens Saints
NFC East - The city of brotherly love and bad AIDS Eagles
NFC West - St Louis Rams

AFC North - Baltimore Ravens
AFC South - Indianapolis Colts
AFC East - New England Patriots
AFC West - San Diego Chargers

Superbowl 46 winners - Green Bay Packers

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