21 September 2011


For me if tennis players are considering striking, the time for us all here in the west to take some time out and really ask ourselves some searching questions about what is really important in life has long since departed.

Our inability now to apply even a degree of perspective to the smallest of our trials and tribulations represents an unrecoverable position for society. Reinforcing the long since held opinion of the blog that we are doomed.

You shouldn't really be able to play tennis even part-time. No one should be able to make money playing tennis. No one should be able to make money playing any sport really, but tennis especially.

What adverse conditions are tennis players facing that they're considering denying fat women sat at home in front of the telly the pleasure of perving over Rafael Nadal from behind an enormous tub of ice cream?

Is it too windy out? Oh do fuck off.

It's every man, woman and child for him, her and itself. Good luck everyone.

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