24 September 2011

Boys will be boys

The thing is with these cage fighting children, if they weren't in that cage they'd be in an alley way somewhere in the north and how would we be able to watch it then? You'd have to be local wouldn't you. You'd have maybe twenty people there max. That's not even enough people to warrant a refreshment's van.

Kids have got to be given the latitude to be kids and to police themselves. To settle their own scores. It's playground rules. Just sometimes they need a bit encouraging. But a few CC's of steroids, a baying crowd of low IQ blokes, and a diet of twenty bottles of lucozade and fifteen mars bars a day never hurt anyone.

What annoys me is the people who are up in arms about these contests, outraged by their immorality, are the same people who voted for Jedward when they clearly were less talented the Krankies.

It wasn't just Jedward who will suffer long term emotional damage from their rise to fame. Everyone will suffer. At least with these wrestling children what happens in the ring stays in the ring. Er...so to speak.

So unless you want Jedward in that ring throwing about bitch slaps and bursting into tears half way through round one, or in fact two eight year olds from Doncaster performing on XFactor, just leave it alone. Let it go. LET IT GO.

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