9 September 2011

Gone in 60 seconds

I went off Georgie Thompson just now in the minute it took me to read on the Daily Mail website how, pissed as a fart, she had crashed her Porsche while trying to park it.

This is beyond wrong of course and in so many ways. She should not even be earning a wage that would allow her to buy a Porsche as all she does is sit on a chair for a living and look into a camera.

She has set the progress of the blonde woman back at least twenty years with this spectacularly poor attempt to parallel park a powerful motor car.

Now when women, blonde women especially, insist the stereotype bimbo image is ignorant and insulting, they will be reminded of the 5ft tall Sky Sports News presenter who began reverse parking her car in Kensington and ended up somewhere in Camden and was relatively happy about it as she staggered head first into a watching Police officer who suffered bruising to his cock.

The thing than appalled me most about this, over and above the brazen lack of consideration for the public who may have been skittled over as she mounted curb after curb, was how fat she looked.

Don't look at me like that feminists. I think Georgie has demonstrated there is no brain behind the looks so it's fine for us to see her only as a piece of meat. An enormous great chunk of it.

I thought the camera added weight? Sky must have special cameras that take it off. No wonder she crashed, those rolls of neck fat would have prevented her seeing behind her. Urghh.. feel queasy. No wonder Dec ditched her.

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