4 September 2011


You have to wonder what kind of person thought issuing nursing staff with red tabards with 'Do Not Disturb' written on them was a good idea.  It says 'Do Not Disturb', but what they mean is 'fuck off you're not important enough to warrant my attention.'

I know they have a job to do and all, but if they are genuinely incapable of doing two things at once, there must surely be more tactful ways of keeping their patients at bay, no?  And let's not forget nurses are not just interrupted by patients, they're interrupted by other health care professionals too.  Which really makes the whole idea pointless.

Apparently if a patient comes up to a nurse wearing one of these tabards procedure is for her to just point at the 'Do Not Disturb' on the front of it and walk off! That's true.  I'm laughing as I type this.

I pity the nurse who ever does that to me if I ever need help because I don't care what she's wearing, I don't care if she's roped off with a couple of doorman either side of her, that biatch is helping me.

I of course am more assertive than the average patient.  We are a reserved nation by nature and it's not hard to imagine some poor old lady either shitting herself or having a stroke and not asking for help because her 'carers' are all dressed in these fucking tabards.

Hospitals exist for the benefit of patients, if patients aren't important enough to disturb a nurse, who is?  Well this of course is a rhetorical question because patients are now just an inconvenience to most nurses who are just doing the minimum until they can get off the wards and into a career involving an office and a relatively decent wage and without being knee deep in a sea of pensioner's bum gravy all day.

Common sense and compassion went the way of the bed side manner some years ago.  This is symptomatic of the whole country which has had it's life sucked out of it by an enormous bureaucratic hoover.  Patients are statistics, quotas, clients and expenditure way before they're vulnerable sick people who need caring for.

The European Union and it's obsession with political correctness and procedure following has enveloped an entire continent and left no place anywhere for the kind of bonding and human touch that used to be an essential part of the carer patient relationship and is absent also in many other walks of life.

Only Germans could create such a bleak and frigid environment for the vulnerable and the sick to convalesce.  Don't get me wrong, there's a place for everyone in this world, even Germans.  But their place is usually in the gun turret of a Panzer tank, or working the bellows of a furnace in a concentration camp or perhaps marshaling Arsenal's defense.

The last place you want them is making policy in places where emotions and sensitivity are prerequisites.  Let us not forget Germany's most famous doctor is still Joseph Mengele.  I don't care what people say about how dry his sense of humour was I don't want people like him doing rounds anywhere near me or anyone I care about.

The creepy tentacles of Euro style communism are sucking the warmth and humanity out of everything and everyone, blackening the hearts of the people we entrust with the care of our children and loved ones and our old folks who we also sort of like a bit, with it's inky poison.  POISON!

We're doomed people.  Doomed. 

I'm just glad my weekend yankee will probably yield the kind of fortune that will finally allow me to bring Suki and Ling Ling over from China to take care of all my medical and therapeutic needs.

In the meantime however, it's every man, woman and child for him, her or itself.

Good luck everyone.

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