7 September 2011


Every now and then I have a dream where it's the last day of the year long internship I did in New York and everyone in our apartment is packed and ready to leave except me. All of my stuff is everywhere and I don't know where to begin and I feel abandoned by everyone then I wake up and go for a piss.

Also I have another recurring dream where it's the last day of college and I have loads of work still to be handed in and everyone else is finished and sitting about drinking coffee and wondering what to do with their summer.

This last one is actually based on my actual experiences of college as I really was a hair's breath away from failing everything because I left it until the very last moments to hand my work in. Everyone in my class was helping me with it. Everyone except the six or seven people who sat back and watched me panic as they thought I was a cunt who deserved to fail.

Last night the two dreams combined!! I was not packed and my work was not completed. Many many people mocked me. Two guys who laughed at me actually I'm afraid were killed by me! I plunged a knife into one of them and the other one was battered to death with a pipe.

Now, I'm either wrong in the head or should stop watching violent police dramas before bed. I'm just hoping I'm wrong in the head cause Third Watch is my favourite show at the moment. They really shouldn't have cancelled it and these past few weeks of watching all six seasons again has made me feel so alive I'm not stopping now I'm so close to the finale. And you can quote me.

Back in the real world, instead of national service in the Army for our young uns, why not assign them all to a year's service in the emergency services? Not actually where they have to be in contact with people, but doing the crappy tedious jobs that traditionally are filled by illegals and people who are borderline mongers.

Jobs like cleaning the floors in hospitals, doing paper work for the police so they can actually leave their stations and do some proper police work like Office Boscorelli, or cleaning up the gallons of vomit everywhere.

That would be just as character building as charging at straw filled dummies with a bayoneted rifle. Plus the illegals and mongers could then be demoted to even worse jobs like cleaning out ditches and drains and shining street signs and just tidying the place up a bit.

If you go to places like Norway and Sweden the streets are immaculate. It's like an NHS operating theatre only cleaner. They may pay taxes that are higher than George Osborne when he's delivering his budget, but they get something for their taxes. We should too in my opinion and slavery dressed up as national service is really the only way to go.

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