9 September 2011

Gone but not forgotten

Ten years since the world became almost unbearably shit because of some whacked out muslims who took time out from stoning women to death for wanting to look pretty to order a team of brain washed monkeys to fly some planes into the World Trade Center.

Funny because it seems longer. That's probably because time only flies when you're having fun. And this after ten years is something the US of States Government still is unable to fathom.

I don't really give a shit about the wider world now that I've retired from it, but as it's ten years I will say this to America as I know it reads my blog...life is not short, life is long, especially if you make the wrong decisions. You made the wrong decisions.

Terrorism is about making people terrified. The clue is in the name. They don't have to be flying passenger airlines into buildings every weekend to achieve it. It's enough if people just think it's possible.

Putting the whole country in lock-down every time a muslim walks through a crowded area with a cardboard box is not the way to deal with terrorism. The way to deal with them is to not even acknowledge them.

The risk is of course actually getting blown up because you didn't frisk absolutely everyone going anywhere at anytime. But the kind of control the US of States's's's Government has sought to impose on their nation is not possible. There is a power great than the Pentagon and Al Qeada.

You see now, I was buying some doughnuts just recently and an old tired looking man in an old coat and some tatty trousers kept up with a bit of string prodded me in the chest and said in a raspy voice..."Have you got some spare change."

After that another man appeared near him as if by magic, like the shop keeper in Mr Benn in fact. He said to me, "life is not something you can control, it's something that happens to you. Much like a fast moving river. If you fall in you have to go with the current. Let it take you. If you fight it you get tired and sink to the bottom."

If to live means to have to duck-and-cover every time you hear Arabic you may as well be dead. That's what I always say. It's worth taking a bomb in the face if it means you can fly somewhere without being molested and pounded with radiation because some security dude needs to see if you have a bomb in your guts.

The US of States have lost the war on terror because they have been reduced to a paranoid terrified bunch of shivering bitches tangled up a web of conspiracy, counter-conspiracy and self-induced known and unknown shadow chasing lunacy.

The conditions of the minds of those in charge of homeland security are beyond treatment. The situation is unrecoverable. The USA would not be affected by another 9/11, as it already is the worst kind of tragedy.

From the idea of a utopian democracy drawn up by the founding fathers built on a foundation of freedom and liberty - the soul's right to breath - to a suffocating, oppressive incarceration where a six month old baby is frisked for weapons at an airport. In two short centuries.

Let us bow our heads and say a short prayer.


We're doomed. It's every man for himself people. Good luck everyone.

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