3 October 2010

Hero to zero

Given my consistently inconsistent footballing prognostications of late, I've decided to abandon proper football and have a bash at some Mercan football wagering. This evening while I'm struggling my way through the Pigeon's game, the game of the season so far in the NFL will occur in Philadelphia and even if I am pushed around by Joy, I'll thank my lucky stars I'm not Donovan McNabb being pushed around by the city of Philadelphia.

This is a big one so early in the season not because it will necessarily make or break the season for either team, but because of both Quarterbacks' individual circumstances.

The hapless Redskins led by ex-Eagle Donovan McNabb will enter the Lincoln financial field to a generous round of applause from the fans in recognition for McNabb's eleven years of service with the Eagles. Or so he thinks.

Fans in Philadelphia are somewhat partisan. It's true McNabb didn't really want to leave, didn't ask to leave and had a good relationship with Eagle's fans, but usually that doesn't count for much when you return with a rival team...and you ultimately failed to deliver anything while you were there.

I don't recall Flyers fans being too generous to Eric Lindros when he showed up in Philly in a Rangers uniform for the first time. There might have been generous applause for McNabb had he returned in a Seattle Seahawks uniform, but not a Redskins one. I'm expecting a hostile reception for him, and if the Redskins start well the last decade may as well have not happened.

Michael Vick has something to prove in this game also. I am pleased he is now the starting quarterback. I don't have any time usually for people who list dog fighting as a hobby, but I've never understood why he had to go to jail because of it.

In America it's acceptable to hunt for sport. Sarah Palin for example can gun down bears from a helicopter for fun and it's fine, yet Michael Vick's dog fighting championships is punishable by jail time and a career in ruins. Not condoning dog fighting of course, just I fail to understand the difference in terms of animal cruelty.

Anyway, I digress...so now he has wrested the number one spot from Kevin Kolb, albeit after an injury to the original starter, he now has the harder task of keeping hold of it. Beating Washington tonight and sending Donovon McNabb home penniless will go a long way to securing this. It will allow his employers to point at McNabb and say they were justified in ditching him and ditching him to a divisional rival at that, it will also put to bed the nonsense surrounding the Kolb/Vick starting quarterback flip-flopping debacle.

I myself can't see how the Redskins win here. They have a shambolic defense. Strictly going by the numbers it's a home banker. Michael Vick is red hot and the Redskins defense is the worst in the NFL.

McNabb would have to produce something for the ages to win this game and the simple fact of the matter is Andy Reid would not have traded him to a division rival in the first place if he thought he was capable of that kind of performance.

As a Redskins fan and a sports better on a cold streak, I say this with a heavy heart and a light wallet; the 1.44 for an Eagle's win must surely be far too generous to pass up. I know anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday, but this isn't really any given Sunday.

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