19 October 2010

As if by magic, the shop keeper appeared

My party piece card trick is awesome. I take a deck of cards, shuffle them up and spread them face down on the table. As if by magic I then amazingly pick out the six of clubs. You have to see it to believe it (as of now incidentally I am nicknaming the six of clubs "the shop keeper").

As cool as it is, it gets a bit boring after a while, so recently I've been working on ways of delivering the trick in new and exciting ways. Since I like poker I thought maybe I could in some way work it into a hand, and so I thought I'd give it a go at the Pigeon's game yesterday.

So, what I did was, I contrived to get all my chips into the pot with Ace-Five against a dominating Ace-Eight. The idea being that to win the hand and stay alive, I would need a six to make an incredibly unlikely gutter-ball straight on the river after the board cards were dealt with an eight on the flop and the turn card a brick.

Also, to cut my outs down even further, the six of diamonds would be counterfeited as my opponent would have the ace of diamonds and the board would be showing three diamonds. Brilliant!

So anyway, it was brilliant and I pretended to look disappointed as the cards came out and I was down to only three outs with one card to come. I even added in a few F words to pretend I was annoyed at making such a loosey-goosey call. I'm not exactly sure which cards I "chose" to come out, but it was something like this:

The "shop keeper" appears like magic on the river

Everyone thought it was amazing when the six of clubs appeared and I just pretended to look relieved and contrite as if I hadn't meant it all to happen and I wasn't just a lucky bastard. Alan didn't seem quite so impressed.

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