23 October 2010

Weekend punting

Some punts yesterday

Some more punts today: I don't have the time this morning to perform the complex series of equations which are the most devastating weapons I have in my sports betting arsenal with which to destroy various online bookmakers and Betfair combatants alike, ...nor do they even exist in fact...so instead I'm going to treat the Premier league coupon like a muslim husband treats a wife caught showing some ankle in public and take a wild stab in the dark at it.

It's a standard £5 per line Yankee: Totternington to win (evens), Sunderland draw (9/4), West Brom win (evens) and a Stoke win tomorrow against hapless Yoonited (9/2) despite Tony Puliss' regular visits to the home of Alex Ferguson to toss his salad.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a poker tournament to take down in the Lutons.

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