15 October 2010

The iMac finale

With £200 in the pot after some unsuccessful wagers, I've entrusted the success of the iMac challenge to the gambling Gods. A series of multiples have been placed with little to no research beforehand on this weekend's football fixtures, which if successful will return £1150 and a shiny new iMac and possibly an even more awesomer one than I had originally budgeted for.

The wagers in question are as follows:

Double - Newcastle and Oldham £100 @ 4.42
Treble - Dortmund, W. Bremen and Wolfsburg £30 @ 6.54
Yankee - Aston Villa, Cardiff, Marseille and Roma £55 @ 9.3

Whatever the result I'll emerge from this challenge a better man and a happier man, unless of course I lose in which case I'll be pissed off and not a better man.

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