17 October 2010

Family ties

Let's hope neither side has anything to cheer
after this afternoon's Merseyside derby no?

The iMac challenge has taken some reverses and we're unfortunately down to the felt. We can't even afford an Amstrad. Our last £60 is now in play, invested in a Premier League double, which we hope will see the Meeeeeeerseyside derby end in a draw and Manchester City winning at half-time and full-time of their financial mismatch with Blackpool and also an NFL Trixie where of course the Ravens will beat New England, Atlanta will beat Philadelphia and Detroit will not lose by anymore than 9.5pts.

If we're successful the challenge will continue. It will continue until we go bust or reach our target and why not? Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't been to bed yet so I'm going to retire or I won't be able to fit in a snooze before the Pigeon's game later on this evening.

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