28 October 2010

Poker: the next generation

So now, I've just watched the heats of the new Poker Premier League IV on t'internets. I'm not sure when it airs here so I won't offer up any spoilers. It's good stuff though and it's been edited in such a fashion that one can barely find time to take a bite from one's sammich without missing something good.

I'm not sure how they came to decide that these twelve players represent the cream of professional poker, but it's good mix of players nonetheless. Attitooods and styles colliding makes for compelling telly and no mistake.

Luke Schwartz is of course a testy little scamp, but along with Yevgeniy Timoshenko he's playing a game that's on many many different levels to the rest of the players. Timoshenko in particular I think even has the skills to win the Pigeon's game.

Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu look baffled and lost; Tony G reduced to playing with bicycles and some nonsense comments about heart and commitment, but no actual game to speak of; Vanessa Rousso has very poor complexion but I still would.

Luke Schwartz is just like second generation Phil Hellmuth all emotions and F-bombs, he could be his son in fact...Timoshenko perhaps a second generation Chip Reese all calm, collected, smiles and a sixth and possibly a seventh sense for what's occurring at the tables.

I should think his father was probably a high ranking officer in the KGB and this is where he gets his cool calculating ruthlessness from. His paterfamilias is probably tying someone up with piano wire as we speak.

Jolly good stuff it is anyway and I'm motivated now to make an attempt at the 900 runner DTD Grand Prix tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to la Forge ahead and not have to Klingon. Hahahahahahaha.

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