22 October 2010

Luton, Gus Caesar and other news

Now that Wayne Rooney won't be leaving Yoonited until the summer it's time to turn our attention away from footballing karmas to the weekend's pokering action. We'll be very busy this next two weeks. Very busy indeed.

Tomorrow Luton's G-Casino will be hosting the APAT English poker thingy. Luton has historically not been kind to me. Ever since Luton beat Arsenal in the Littlewoods cup final in 1988 it's been somewhere I've enjoyed avoiding. My performaces at APAT events held in Luton have been about as successful as Gus Caesar's in that infamous final hence I'm still trading at 1.89 to be at the Pigeon's game on Sunday night.

Next weekend I'll be making an attempt to take down the biggest poker tournament in terms of numbers, ever held in the UK. Dusk 'Till Dawn have 900 runners registered for a £50 freeze-out! Crazyness. I've performed a little better at DTD than Luton, so I'm already drawing up plans for how to invest the £15k or so on offer to the winner.

So far my shopping list includes an ironing board, some sweets and a selection of winter-wear mostly in the shape of some nice jumpers and a hat. Big time baby.

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