11 October 2010

The iMac challenge

Just to give me something to do this week so it doesn't fade away into the annuls of time without a trace like most of my weeks, I've embarked on the iMac challenge. My current Mac has started to look not quite so awesome recently and the new ones look decidedly more awesome so it's only right that I should own one.

I will attempt to win one however rather than relieving myself of the £999 acquiring price. I'm only giving myself a week however to reach this total as my patience can only be stretched so far. I shall add a Blue Peter style totaliser to the blog just as soon as I find the motivation.

So it's quite simple..I've started with £100 in the kitty. My initial wager was a failure; a £15 treble on Casey Stoner to win the Malaysian MotoGP, San Jose unders (5.5) v Columbus and US of States to beat Poland. Only San Jose obliged. Boooo.

My second and third wagers were successful however; A £5 per line trixie on a Redskins win and overs for the Detroit Lions and 49ers games. This gave us a return of £93.81. Hooorrah. We then randomly stuck the £3.81 on Pandorea to win the 2:40 at Salisbury at 8.40 which duly obliged returning £30.59. Hoorah again.

The remaining £90 of profit left from the trixie bet has now been wagered on a Denmark/Italy double in tomorrow night's Euro 2012 qualifiers at 2.44.

Sooooo, in actual monies we have £65 left from the original kitty plus £30.59, with £90 in-play (which will return £205 after commish). Obviously this wager is like finding monies in the street so we can assume our total stands at a little of £300. A third of the way there on it'll only be Toosday.

I've never felt so f**king alive.

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