12 October 2010

Serbs, Hawks and the iMac Challenge

As we speak Serbian fans are in a corner of the Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa burning Albanian flags and celebrating the death of Norman Wisdom while they await an absolute pasting from the Italian police.

I'm afraid they'll get no sympathy from me once the Polizia di Stato have taken their frustrations out on the nasty little fuckers for causing this Euro 2012 qualifier to be abandoned as I had Italy in a double with Denmark and since it was a Betfair acca double the bet is voided as its considered one market so I don't even get monies for the Denmark part of the bet. Bastards.

We did have a winning bet last night however as we were on overs (5.5) in the Blackhawks v Sabres game in Buffalo. My boys finally got a win on the board winning the game 4-3 and adding some £18 or so onto our total, which stands at a mere £138 (once the £90 is returned) + £65 from the original kitty (£203 total) rather than a more encouraging £300+ had Italy been given the opportunity to give Serbia the beating they so desperately deserve.

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