15 October 2011

Weekend bidness

Well it's been an interesting week. I went outside on Monday and on Wednesday I had a lovely apple. So I'm glad the weekend has finally arrived so I can rest. But NO. There is no rest for the wicked or the sports wagerer.

I have placed a couple of intriguing nay optimistic wagers which at first glance may seem like I was arbitrarily clicking on bets, but in fact they were researched thoroughly for almost five of your Earth minutes.

The return will be modest, enough to cover the invest I made in a £200 office chair (what ze hell!) and some American foods and a nice t-shirt, but there will be enough left over to begin next week's bag of sand challenge where I will attempt to take £50 and buy a bag of sand with it. Probably from a building supply shop.

So with that in mind the wagers placed so far are the standard English soccer leagues' Yankee which will require both teams to score in the confrontation between Liverpool and Manchester United and also wins for West Brom, Brighton and Tranmere.

In the secondary more ostentatious wager we will require Chelsea to draw with possibly one of the worse teams currently in the world (in terms of top flights teams) also we require wins for Stoke and Norwich and a dismissal in the Liverpool v Manchester United game.

If I enjoy a 100% return on my investments I will indulge with a lovely coffee and rum drink. I may also trim my public hair in celebration as it is growing funny now that I have a sort of bald spot due to my recent surgery.

If that was too information what was you expecting? This is my blog biiiatches. I'm letting it all hang out y'all. Aaaaight...psssstch.

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