16 October 2011

Time's up Liam

From deep within my cave it's hard to keep track of the outside world and I'm quite pleased about it. That's the whole point of the cave dwelling.

But it's worth reminding myself why I have retired from the outside world once in while and this Liam Fox business is a case in point.

I have no idea what Liam Fox finds sexually fulfilling. I assumed he was gay because he's called Liam Fox, he's Scottish and is a senior politician, but I have no conclusive proof he is a friend of Dorothy.

Now then, as you know we're not a fan on the blog of leftie sandal wearing sanctimonious hummus eaters who see no wrong in anything and love everything.

Homosexuality for example according to the leftie sandal wearers is perfectly normal and homophobia belongs in the dark ages. Fair enough.

Prejudice on the grounds of sexual preference is absurd and one should be absolutely ashamed of ones self if one discriminates on these grounds. Also fair enough.

However, this sexually egalitarian view supposedly held by the lefties did not stop the leftie media hinting, winking, nudge nudging that Liam Fox was an abhorent whoopsie who spent most of his spare time with Adam Werrity's cock thumping away at his bowels.

You can hate Conservative types for being prejudiced, but at least they're open about them. Everyone has prejudices. I have more respect for people that are unapologetic about them, than people who claim to have no prejudices but sneak around using them to end peoples careers when it suits their own agenda, but without ever admitting to it.

I'm so much happier deep in my cave away from these self-righteous hypocritcal cowards. No gays either.

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